Epaulettes Single Bar (Gold)

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Epaulettes Single Bar (Gold)

Epaulette for pilots- Epaulettes Single Bar (Gold)

Pilot shirts, nato style sweaters and trench coats are designed to hold epaulette sliders to represent your rank. The wider half inch stripe is usually worn by Pilots: 1 bar (Cadet / Trainee) 2 bar (First Officer) 3 bar (Senior First Officer) 4 bar (Captain) The narrower quarter inch stripe is usually worn by Flight Operations and Ground Staff. Epaulette sliders are also available with maroon colored inserts for Flight and Ground Engineers.

Epaulettes are fastened to the shoulder by a shoulder strap or “passant”, a small strap parallel to the shoulder seam, and the button near the collar, or by laces on the underside of the epaulette passing through holes in the shoulder of the coat. Colloquially, any shoulder straps with marks are also called epaulettes. The placement of the epaulette, its color and the length and diameter of its bullion fringe are used to signify the wearer’s rank. At the join of the fringe and the shoulderpiece is often a metal piece in the form of a crescent.

Airline pilot uniform shirts generally include cloth flattened tubular epaulettes having cloth or bullion braid stripes, attached by shoulder straps integral to the shirts. The rank of the wearer is designated by the number of stripes: Four for captain, three for first officer (copilot), two for Second Officer (flight engineer). Airline captains’ uniform caps usually will have a braid pattern on the bill.



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