Sennheiser HMEC-46-B-K

Sennheiser HMEC-46-B-K

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Sennheiser HMEC-46-B-K

These aviation headsets combine the latest audio technology with superb comfort. The NoiseGard active noise compensation reduces cockpit noise by approx. 15 dB – so you don’t need to have the radio as loud. The Sennheiser HMEC-46-B-K headsets incorporate peak level protection which safeguards your ears from volume peaks in the headphones above 110 dB.


  • Noise reduction of approx. 15 dB – consequently the radio volume can be decreased
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Superb comfort due to the patented two-piece automatic headband and soft ear pads
  • “Flip-away” headphone allows single-sided listening
  • Flexible microphone boom, can be worn on either left or right-hand side
  • Noise-compensating condenser microphone ensures excellent speech transmission
  • Volume peaks in the headphones above 110 dB are eliminated
  • Single-sided cable, easy to replace
  • ETSO/TSO approval C57a/C58a
  • 5 year warranty
Shipping time around 20-25 days.

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