Wireless A/V Camera For Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics

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Wireless A/V camera for Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics

Wireless A/V Camera high receive sensitivity +18dB,Receive signal picture sound 0.9G/1.2G.with high quality output . RM0100 is a Wireless A/V camera high receives sensitivity +18dB, Receive signal picture sound 0.9G/1.2G.with high quality output.

Features of Wireless A/V Camera:

  • 380TV lines picture display.
  • Low radiation, safe and healthy.
  • Built-in microphone for audio monitoring.
  • Including adaptive bracket, easy installation.
  • Suitable for monitoring children, elders and widely used for theft prevention, after hours surveillance, home security,etc.

Specifications of Wireless A/V Camera:

  • Camera :Night vision enables no light or low light usage.
  • High-quality picture transmitting and receiving.
  • Transmit distant up to 200 Ft.

Kits Contents of Wireless A/V Camera:

  • 1 x Wireless 1/3″ 380TVL Pinhole Camera Transmitter with Receiver Set.
  • 1 x Antenna.
  • 1 x 110V /220V AC Adapter for the camera (camera can either use battery or the power adapter).
  • 1 x 8V Battery Adapter clip (for camera uses battery).
  • 1 x 110v /220V AC Adapter for the receiver.
  • 1 x Video Cable (from Transmitter to your TV/VCR).

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