Theoretical Aerodynamics, 4th Edition

Theoretical Aerodynamics, 4th Edition

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Theoretical Aerodynamics, 4th Edition

Author : L. M. Milne-Thomson
Year : 1958
Book Type : Paperback
Pages : 430
ISBN : 9780486619804

Language- English

Theoretical Aerodynamics, 4th Edition by  L. M. Milne-Thomson.


Theoretical Aerodynamics, 4th Edition

An excellent introduction to the study of inviscid airflow using potential theory, this book is a longtime university text and reference and a classic in its field. This edition is a complete reprint of the revised 1966 edition, which brings the subject up to date. Includes a wealth of problems, illustrations, and cross-references.

Table of Contents

Front Matter


References to Literature

The Greek Alphabet


Table of Contents

1. Preliminary Notions

2. Bernoulli’s Theorem

3. Two-Dimensional Motion

4. Rectilinear Vortices

5. The Circular Cylinder as an Aerofoil

6. Joukowski’s Transformation

7. Theory of Two-Dimensional Aerofoils

8. Thin Aerofoils

9. Induced Velocity

10. Aerofoil of Finite Aspect Ratio

11. The Lifting Line Theory

12. Lifting Surface Theory

13. Propellers

14. Wind Tunnel Corrections

15. Subsonic Flow

16. Supersonic Flow

17. Supersonic Sweptback and Delta Wings

18. Simple Flight Problems

19. Moments

20. Stability

21. Vectors


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