Scale Spacecraft Modelling



Scale Spacecraft Modelling

Author : Mat Irvine
Year : 2003
BookType : Paperback
Pages : 208
ISBN : 9781861267740


Language – English

Scale Spacecraft Modelling by Mat Irvine.


Rockets and spacecraft were among the very first models made as commercial kits, and although never as numerous as aircraft, ships or road vehicles, the many kits produced over the years provide a fascinating niche in the world of model-making. The build-ups in this book reflect the current situation with spacecraft modelling; although there are still a number of conventional all-plastic kits available, there is also a growing range that uses more specialist materials, especially resins. The book explains the various techniques required when dealing with these non-traditional materials.

Scale Spacecraft Modelling also covers scratch building and adaptation, the techniques needed to make those pristine models really dirty to match the ones you see in the movies, and the design and construction of realist dioramas and settings.

About Author

Mat Irvine has been building spacecraft in miniature for many years, both as a hobby and for television. He has spent most of a varied life associated with many aspects of the media. Mat was for many years with the BBC, as a Visual Effects Designer, working on programmes as diverse as Doctor Who and Blake’s 7 to Tomorrow’s World, QED, Horizon and The Sky at Night.


Additional information

Dimensions 24.89 × 1.27 × 19.5 cm


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