Powered Parachute Flying Handbook

Powered Parachute Flying Handbook


Powered Parachute Flying Handbook (FAA-H-8083-29)

Author : Federal Aviation Administration
Year : 2007
BookType : Paperback
ISBN : 9781560276715

Language– English

Powered Parachute Flying Handbook  by Federal Aviation Administration.


The basic skills and aeronautical knowledge necessary for piloting powered parachutes (PPC) are introduced in this official FAA handbook. Pilots looking to gain their powered parachute licenses, rated PPC pilots wishing to improve their proficiency, and flight instructors engaged in the instruction of both students and transitioning pilots will find this guide indispensable. Clear explanations of powered parachute regulations, night operations, and abnormal and emergency procedures are included, as well as a history of this unique aircraft. Many test questions for the FAA Knowledge Exams for pilots come directly from this colorful, fully indexed guide.

As far back as the twelfth century, people have loved to parachute. From China’s umbrella and Leonardo da Vinci’s pyramid-shaped flying device to the first air-plane jump in 1912, the urge to leap and soar with the wind has long been a part of history. Parachuting has come a long way since its earliest days due to the advancement of technology, and, now, more people then ever are taking up this in-credible sport. With Powered Parachute Flying Handbook, you will learn what powered parachuting means today, the aerodynamics of flight, what types of engines are used in power parachuting, preflight checklists, basic flight maneuvers, and so much more.

Whether you are training for a powered parachute category rating test or are currently a certified power parachute pilot looking to expand your knowledge, Powered Parachute Flying Handbook is the book you need to make your flying ambitions a reality

About Author

The Federal Aviation Administration is the government agency that oversees and regulates the aviation industry, pilot licensing, and airspace.


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