Modeling & Simulation of Dynamic Systems

Modeling & Simulation of Dynamic Systems



Modeling & Simulation of Dynamic Systems

Author : Robert L. Woods
Year : 1997
BookType : Paperback
ISBN : 9780138611880

Modeling & Simulation of Dynamic Systems (English) by Robert L. Woods.


Modeling & Simulation of Dynamic Systems

This book reflects the state-of-the-art and current trends in modeling and simulation. The book provides comprehensive coverage of

1) the modeling techniques of the major types of dynamic engineering systems.

2) the solution techniques for the resulting differential equations for linear and nonlinear systems and

3) the attendant mathematical procedures related to the presentation of dynamic systems and determination of their time and frequency response characteristics.

It explains in detail how to select all of the system component parameter values for static and dynamic performance specifications and limits. For anyone interested in systems dynamics, modeling, and interdisciplinary systems.

Models especially mathematical models are a powerful tool in automation and in analysis and design of control systems. There are strong interconnections not only between the system, the modeling goal and the modeler but also between the model and the resulting solution for the industrial problem. The modeling process itself is examined rather from a general point of view  highlighting especially those aspects which are important for automation and control.



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