Model Aircraft Aerodynamics 4/E

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Model Aircraft Aerodynamics 4/E

Author : Martin Simons
Year : 2002
BookType : Paperback
Pages : 350
ISBN : 1854861905

Language- English

Model Aircraft Aerodynamics by Martin Simons


This book continues to be regarded as the standard work on model aircraft, attracting worldwide interest and approval. This new edition includes new sections incorporating new research and developments in model flying practice. The book presents standard aerodynamic theory as it applies to model flight in a concise and practical form for enthusiasts wishing to better understand the behavior of their models in flight.

Presents standard aerodynamic theory, as applied to model flight, in a concise and practical form. An excellent introduction to aerodynamics not only for model flying enthusiasts but also for those concerned with full-scale light and ultralight aircraft and sailplanes, remotely piloted surveillance and research aircraft, wind surfers and land yachts, and the designers of wind turbines. Revised and updated to reflect significant developments in model aircraft. 4th ed

About the Author

Martin Simons’ interest in aviation goes back more than sixty years. He remains actively involved in designing, building and flying model aircraft and full-scale sailplanes. Born in England in 1930, he now lives in australia where for twenty-five years he was a senior lecturer in education at the University of Adelaide. He has published numerous articles and several books on model flying and was the editor of Australian Gliding magazine for ten years.


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