Jets: Airliners of the Golden Age

Jets: Airliners of the Golden Age



Jets: Airliners of the Golden Age

Author : James Ott,Aram Gesar
Year : 1993
BookType : Hardcover
Pages : 158
ISBN : 9781853101830

Jets: Airliners of the Golden Age (English) by James Ott,Aram Gesar.


Jets: Airliners of the Golden Age

The ultimate book on jet airliners! Beginning with the Comet and ending with the Airbus Industrie A340, Jets covers the worlds commercial jet aircraft and tells the stories of the test pilots, cockpit crews, technicians and airline managers who have been involved with them. With its combination of over 200 color photographs and a highly informative text, Jets provides a unique record of the worlds commercial jet aircraft.

Including photographs and narrative which contains numerous facts and insights about jet aircraft and the people that fly them. The book examines many aspects of air travel, flight and safety, while the photographs portray the unique combination of technology and human mastery.

The book is well written and provides information about most of the main commercial aircraft. The author then goes on to describe the routine of a commercial flight and the safety and maintenance required for a safe flight. The book is very easy to read and thus offers a very comprehensive introduction to the aviation scene.


JET AIRCRAFT FokkerF28andF100
THE AMERICAN RESPONSE 19 Newest aircraft

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