Human Factors Impacts in Air Traffic Management

Human Factors Impacts in Air Traffic Management



Human Factors Impacts in Air Traffic Management

Author : Barry Kirwan,Mark Rodgers
Year : 2005
BookType : Hardback
Pages : 584
ISBN : 9780754635024

Language– English

Human Factors Impacts in Air Traffic Management by Barry Kirwan,Mark Rodgers.


In research and application of Human Factors in Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems design, development and operation, there remains a lack of clarity regarding the range and integration of activities associated with the need for greater attention to issues such as human error, interface design and teamwork, especially in systems with increased levels of automation. This book seeks to redress this situation by presenting case studies of human factors applications in which there is demonstrable success in terms of improvement in operational systems. Individual examples are used to outline how each human factors study evolved, what it entailed, how it was resourced and how the results contributed to operational performance. Case studies include training methods, human error, team resource management, situation assessment, terminal automation replacement systems, collaborative decision-making to improve the effectiveness of traffic-flow management and the role of human factors in ATM.

About Author

Barry Kirwan

Dr Barry Kirwan is currently working in the field of System Safety and Human Error for Eurocontrol in Bretigny, France. Formerly Head of Human Factors in NATS, UK, he has led a large programme of work from 1996-2000 which had a significant impact in the ATM industry.

Mark Rodgers

Mark Rodgers is the FAA Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor for Human Factors. Dr Rodgers received his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Louisville in 1991.


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