High Calling

High Calling



High Calling by Evelyn Husband,Donna VanLiere

Author : Evelyn Husband,Donna VanLiere
Year : 2003
BookType : Hardcover
Pages : 233
ISBN : 9780785261957

Language– English

High Calling (2003)

Rick Husband wanted to be an astronaut since his fourth birthday, but it wasn’t always for the right reasons. Initially, he thought it would be neat . . . cool . . . a fun thing to do. It wasn’t until he came to a spiritual crossroads and was able to give that dream up to discover the true desires of his heart before he actually got into the space shuttle program at NASA. Three failed attempts didn’t daunt this driven pilot-and the fourth interview process, though lengthy and difficult, proved successful for him.

Husband’s years at NASA served not only to develop his integrity and character, but also to increase his faith in a Creator that could not be denied in the vastness of space. His story is not only inspirational but exhilarating and invigorating, as readers will witness the life of a man who consistently pursued the desires of his heart even as he served a faithful God.

From Publishers Weekly

In this memoir, Evelyn Husband describes how her husband, Rick, commander of the ill-fated space shuttle Columbia, grew up longing to be an astronaut; how his dream came true; and how it ended with his death in Columbia’s explosion in February 2003. At its best, this account (co-written with popular novelist VanLiere, of The Christmas Shoes) puts a human a face on the space program, particularly the sacrifice required to become an astronaut. Details about NASA, quotes from Rick’s journal, and interviews with those who knew him add depth. But this is at its heart a story of Christian faith; as Rick’s career developed, he grew from a nominal believer into one who would write, in the last day of his journal, “Lord-I want to do Your will and I want to be a godly man.” Evelyn details Rick’s virtues, but does not sufficiently explain his faults; for example, she reveals that he told her something about himself fairly early in their marriage that shook her up badly, but she doesn’t even hint at what it is. It’s tough for readers to appreciate his redemption without knowing his sin. A Columbia teamwork-building exercise weighs the story down; the final chapters also need trimming. But scenes of Evelyn and her children (ages 12 and 7) learning of Rick’s death, and relying on God help them cope with it, radiate honesty and power. This kind of specificity helps the memoir rise above the level of hagiography.

About the Author

Evelyn Husband is the wife of Rick Husband, commander of the ill-fated Columbia Space Shuttle that went down on February 1, 2003. She is the mother of two children.Donna VanLiere is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Christmas Hope books and Angels of Morgan Hill. She lives in Franklin, Tennessee, with her husband and three children.


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