Gas Turbine Propulsion Systems

Gas Turbine Propulsion Systems



Gas Turbine Propulsion Systems

Author : Roy Langton,Bernie Maclsaac
Year : 2011
BookType : Hardcover
Pages : 328
ISBN : 9780470065631

Language– English

Gas Turbine Propulsion Systems by Roy Langton,Bernie Maclsaac.


Roy Langton has recently retired from his position as Vice-President, Engineering & Integrity at Parker Aerospace, where he was responsible for internal seminars & training into feedback control. He is now a technology consultant for Parker, and has also recently been appointed as an editor for the Wiley Aerospace Series.

Bernie MacIsaac is President and CEO of GasTOPS Ltd. in Ottawa, Canada.

Gas Turbine Propulsion Systems in Aerospace & Defense pulls together all of the systems and subsystems associated with gas turbine engines in aircraft and marine warship applications. The subject of engine (fuel) control has undergone major changes in the past 20 years due to the advent of the digital electronic control technology and therefore existing books on the subject are typically out of date with current methods. Gas Turbine Propulsion Systems in Aerospace & Defense discusses the latest technologies in this area; including marine propulsion which is an emerging application area for the technology that involves some interesting modifications to aviation technologies. This book also fits well into the systems engineering focus of the Aerospace Series.Includes chapters on aircraft engine systems functional overview, marine propulsion systems, fuel control and power management systems, engine lubrication and scavenging systems, nacelle and ancillary systems, engine certification, unique engine systems and future developments in gas turbine propulsion systems Includes case studies of specific engines Includes applications within marine defence Accompanied by a book companion website featuring full color images.



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