Fundamentals of Air Traffic Control by Michael Nolan.

Fundamentals of Air Traffic Control



Fundamentals of Air Traffic Control, 5th Edition

Author : Michael Nolan
Year : 2011
BookType : Hardback
Pages : 600
ISBN : 9781435488250

Language– English

Fundamentals of Air Traffic Control by  Michael Nolan.


Appropriate for both future air traffic controllers and for pilots who need a better understanding of the air traffic control system, this text is the only college-level textbook to explain the “hows” and “whys” of the system. Michael Nolan’s Fundamentals of Air Traffic Control presents a history of air traffic control, with a strong emphasis on the logic that has guided its development. He also provides current, in-depth information on such topics as navigational systems, the air traffic control system structure, control tower procedures, radar separation, national airspace system operation, and the FAA’s restructuring of hiring procedures. The result is an authoritative text that gives readers a true working knowledge of the system–instead of just asking them to memorize lists of rules and regulations.

About Author

Michael Nolan

Michael S. Nolan (B.S., Industrial Technology, Illinois State University; M.S., Instructional Development and Educational Computing, Purdue University) is a former air traffic controller and holds licenses and certification as a commercial pilot, flight instructor, instrument instructor, tower operator, airframe and powerplant mechanic, and aviation weather observer. He has taught a variety of aviation courses at the University of Illinois and at Chanute Air Force Base as well as at Purdue University, where he currently teaches in the Aviation Technology Department.



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