Engines of Pratt & Whitney by ALLEN

Engines of Pratt & Whitney



Engines of Pratt & Whitney

Author : ALLEN
Year : 2010
BookType : Hardcover
Pages : 527
ISBN : 9781600867118

Language– English

Engines of Pratt & Whitney. Engines of Pratt & Whitney by ALLEN


Engines of Pratt & Whitney

Technical History recounts the role played by Pratt & Whitney (P&W) in the evolution of aircraft engines from 1925 to the present time for the most part as told by the engineers who made the history. A technical reference of all P&W engines and their applications, the book describes the evolution of piston engines and gas turbines, and offers young engineers a wealth of insights about design, development, marketing, and product support efforts for customers at home and abroad. The first three chapters introduce the contributions of Frederick Rentschler, George Mead, and Leonard Hobbs, with stories of how each new piston engine came into being. From 19401945 P&W committed its engineering efforts to winning World War II, but when the war was over, P&W found itself on the outside of the gas turbine market, which was capably being served by General Electric and Westinghouse.




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