Economics of Airline Institutions

Economics of Airline Institutions



Economics of Airline Institutions, Operations & Marketing (Vol.2)

Author : Darin Lee
Year : 2007
BookType : Hardcover
ISBN : 9780444530271

Economics of Airline Institutions (English) by Darin Lee.


Economics of Airline Institutions

This is the second in a new series of books on the economics of the airline industry. The series is comprised of a collection of original, cutting-edge, research papers from an international panel of distinguished contributors. Volume 2 focuses on topics related to the economics of airline institutions (i.e., airports, air traffic control, labor), operations and marketing. It provides an up-to-date collection of articles covering recent developments in the airline industry. It is written by an international panel of distinguished contributors

Book Description

Covers the topics of current policy and industry interest in the airline industry

About the Author

Darin Lee is a Principal at the Cambridge, MA office of LECG LCC, a Sloan Industry Affiliate. Dr. Lee received his Ph.D in Economics from Brown University and has published numerous articles on various aspects of airline economics in journals such as The Journal of Law & Economics, the Southern Economic Journal and the Review of Industrial Organization. Dr. Lee has advised numerous major international airlines on matters such as alleged anti-competitive behavior, bankruptcy reorganization, code sharing, antitrust immunity applications, mergers, labor disputes, business interruption and the Internet travel industry.


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