Avotek Aeronautical Dictionary

Avotek Aeronautical Dictionary



Avotek Aeronautical Dictionary

Author : David Jones
Year : 2006
BookType : Paperback
Pages : 236
ISBN : 9781933189086

Language– English

Avotek Aeronautical Dictionary by David Jones.


Avotek Aeronautical Dictionary

This dictionary provides the basic vocabulary of terms used in the aviation maintenance industry worldwide. The second edition adds significant avionics related content. This dictionary defines often used technical terms. Explanations are presented in plain language, making this dictionary ideal for those who work as maintenance personnel or just need a clear understanding of a particular word. Many of the terms are illustrated for emphasis and clarity.

The Avotek Aeronautical Dictionary is a convenient source of aviation-related terms commonly encountered by maintenance personnel on the job and AMT students in the classroom. Written in non-technical, descriptive language, this dictionary doesn’t define terms with other terms that necessitate look up.

The second edition of this popular aviation dictionary includes more than 3,500 entries. Over 150 illustrations demonstrate, emphasize and further explain many definitions.The italicized terms in the Avotek AMT series are all defined in this easy to use volume. This is a valuable reference tool in any aviation library regardless of the textbook or reference being used.


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Dimensions 22.6 × 1.8 × 14.5 cm


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