Aviation Ground Support Equipment

Aviation Ground Support Equipment



Aviation Ground Support Equipment: Meeting the Needs of the Future

Author : IMechE
Year : 1999
BookType : Hardcover
Pages : 78
ISBN : 9781860581946

Language– English

Aviation Ground Support Equipment: Meeting the Needs of the Future by IMechE.


Aviation Ground Support Equipment

Looking at aerospace transmission technology, this text examines design configurations, materials, analysis and testing techniques, manufacturing processes, and maintenance aids that together can satisfy the increasing demands on systems.


A study of churning losses in dip-lubricated spur gears; integrated main rotor drive and blade control for future helicopters; drive system low-cycle fatigue considerations for K-MAX aerial truck helicopter; damage-tolerance methodology and design applications for rotor craft transmission qualification; modelling and finite element analysis of a complex helicopter transmission including housing, shafts and gears; gear materials and lubricants for advanced aircraft geared systems; materials and processes for future transmission systems; EH101 HUM – getting mature; computerized design, generation and simulation of meshing and contact of low-noise, localized bearing contact gear drives; the Brite-Euram “FACET” programme on face gears in aerospace transmission.




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