ATC: Human Performance Factors

ATC: Human Performance Factors



(Air Traffic Control) ATC: Human Performance Factors

Author : Dr Anne Isaac,Bert Ruitenberg
Year : 1999
BookType : Hardback
Pages : 388
ISBN : 9780291398543

Language- English

ATC: Human Performance Factors by Dr Anne Isaac,Bert Ruitenberg.


From the Foreword by Captain Daniel Maurino, ICAO: ‘…Air Traffic Control…will remain a technology-intensive system. People (controllers) must harmoniously interact with technology to contribute to achieve the aviation system’s goals of safe and efficient transportation of passengers and cargo…This book…considers human error and human factors from a contemporary and operational perspective and discusses the parts as well as the whole…I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.’

The motivation for writing this book comes from the author’s long standing belief that the needs of Air Traffic Service personnel are inadequately represented in the aviation literature. There are few references to air traffic control in many of the books written for pilots and about pilots and this is also observed at the main international conferences.

About Author

Dr Anne Isaac 

Dr Anne Isaac works with the human factors group at EUROCONTROL. Belgium. She previously lectured at Otago University and Massey University, School of Aviation, New Zealand. Her research work, for the last 16 years, has been concerned with human performance in ATC and focuses on imagery, mental models and error. She has been involved with training, incident investigation and other performance issues in both Australia and New Zealand and spent a year with Dedale in Paris developing the ATC Team Resource Management programme for Europe.

Bert Ruitenberg

Bert Ruitenberg has represented the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations (IFATCA) in the human factors field since 1992. He is a regular speaker at human factors conferences, seminars and symposia organized by the aviation industry (eg ICAO, EUROCONTROL) and the scientific community (eg Ohio State University, Australian Aviation Psychology Association). He works as an air traffic controller at Schiphol Airport (tower and approach radar control), Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



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