A&P Technician Powerplant Test Guide

A&P Technician Powerplant Test Guide



A&P Technician Powerplant Test Guide with Oral & Practical Study Guide

Author : Jeppesen
Year : 2006
BookType : Paperback
Pages : 344
ISBN : 9780884873747

Language– English

A&P Technician Powerplant Test Guide with Oral & Practical Study Guide- Jeppesen.


An excellent, fully integrated, two-in-one tool! An excellent, fully integrated, two-in-one tool! All Jeppesen maintenance test guides include an extensive database of FAA subject test questions, answers, explanations and references that are cross referenced to the corresponding Jeppesen A&P textbooks. Each test guide also includes the latest oral and practical test questions and answers.

A&P Technician Test Guide with Oral and Practical Study Guide – General, Airframe, Powerplant – These are sample questions, answers, and explanations, similar to what you will be asked on your FAA written exams. Each test guide gives you a pool of questions, along with the correct answer, and an explanation.

Once a student is comfortable with the material from the textbooks and/or classroom situations, these test guides are considered by many as the ideal method for preparing for the final FAA exams.

note: As of mid 2011, FAA no longer provides the actual questions that appear on your tests. While the questions appearing in this test guide are similar to, and cover the same material as those on the actual test, they are no longer word to word identical. The questions in this guide and others come from 3 primary sources: 1] Sample questions provided by FAA from years 2011 and later. 2] Questions from actual FAA test banks from years prior to 2011. 3] Questions written by publishers to fill in topics not covered by actual FAA samples.




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