A&P Technician Airframe Textbook

A&P Technician Airframe Textbook



A&P Technician Airframe Textbook

Author : Jeppesen
Year : 2008
BookType : Paperback
ISBN : 9780884875239

Language– English

Pages– 1046

A&P Technician Airframe Textbook- Jeppesen.


A&P Technician Airframe Textbook, Jeppesen – Part two of a three part series designed to teach the A&P student the requirements and skills of the trade. The Airframe text includes proper techniques for working with all types of construction materials including sheet metal, wood, composites, steel, and fabric. Control rigging, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, fire control, landing gear, de-icing, etc.

Jeppesen’s 2009 update of it’s airframe textbook. Written to meet FAR Part 147 standards. Updated information includes rotorcraft structures, winglets, T-tails, composites, flight control balancing, expanded hydraulic and pneumatic system sections, landing gear safety devices and maintenance, nose wheel steering system, fire detection systems, electronic instruments, electronic systems monitoring displays, storm scope systems, and installation of communication and navigation equipment. Color illustrations, charts, and diagrams.

Aircraft assembly involves the joining of various components and structures that form an entire aircraft, while rigging generally refers to the positioning and alignment ofan aircraft’s major sub-assemblies, such as fuselage or main body, an empennage or tail section, wings, landing gear, and an engine or powerplant section. These components provide stability and maneuverability when assembled and rigged in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. As an aviation maintenance technician, you will likely be involved daily in dismantling and re-assembly of aircraft. In addition, you may also be required to perform rigging procedures on a variety of aircraft types during your career. Congratulations on taking the first step toward learning to becoming an Aviation Maintenance Technician. The A&P Technician Airframe Textbook contains the answers to many of the questions you may have as you begin your training program. It is based on the “study/review” concept of learning. This means detailed material is presented in an uncomplicated way, then important points are summarized through the use of bold type and illustrations. The textbook incorporates many design features that will help you get the most out of your study and review efforts. This textbook is the key element in the training materials. The A&P Technician Airframe course is one of three segments of your training as an aviation maintenance technician. The airframe section introduces you to the concepts, terms and common procedures used in the inspection and maintenance of airframe structures and systems.

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