A&P Technician Airframe Student Workbook-Jeppesen.

A&P Technician Airframe Student Workbook



A&P Technician Airframe Student Workbook

Author : Jeppesen
Year : 2000
BookType : Paperback
ISBN : 9780884872955

Language– English

A&P Technician Air frame Student Workbook-Jeppesen.


A&P Technician Airframe Workbook is not only an essential Learning tools for students studying to become A&P technicians, but it is also a valuable training aid for instructors. A&P Technician Air frame Workbook gives students a chance to reinforce their comprehension of the textbook material by presenting fill-in-the-blank and short answer questions.

Written to the new FAR part 147 standards. Expanded to include a complete section on electrical generators and motors, new hardware, and nonmetallic components. Also includes current and comprehensive coverage on those items found in the previous version. Many new tables, charts and illustrations, including: abrasives, corrosion removal and treatment, corrosion points, and helicopter weight and balance and others.



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