Airplane Rigging (English) by David Russo

Airplane Rigging- David Russo



Airplane Rigging

Author : David Russo
Year : 2007
BookType : Paperback
Pages : 210
ISBN : 0977489655

Airplane Rigging (English) by David Russo.


Airplane Rigging

This book delves into the previously neglected finer points of the subject, which is important for fine-tuning any aircraft to maximize performance. While many think of “rigging” as setting the angles on the wings and tail, this book also covers rigging the engine, aeroelasticity and mass balancing, landing gear, propellers, and control systems. As the author states in the introduction, “slight changes in rigging are the main reason that two identical rental aircraft have a ten knot difference in speed or a 150 FPM difference in climb rate… even slight out of rig conditions can make instrument flight very tiring in small airplanes.

About Author

David Russo

David Russo is the author of the wildly popular book “Steel Tube Fuselage Construction Techniques” and his second book on aircraft rigging takes the same approach… fact-driven, to-the-point discussions with many clear drawings, diagrams, and photos to ensure understanding.



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