Airplane Performance,, Stability & Control

Airplane Performance, Stability & Control



Airplane Performance, Stability & Control

Author : Courtland D. Perkins,Robert E. Hage
Year : 1949
BookType : Paperback
Pages : 493
ISBN : 9780471680468

Language– English

Airplane Performance, Stability & Control by Courtland D. Perkins,Robert E. Hage.


Airplane Performance, Stability & Control

The purpose of this book is to present those elements of applied aerodynamics that bear directly on the problem of airplane design. Following conventional aeronautical engineering practice, the book is divided into two major parts, the first dealing with the problems of airplane design for performance, and the second involving the design of airplane for  adequate stability and control characteristics or, more popularly its flying qualities.

The book has been written to meet the needs of the practicing aeronautical engineer as well  as the requirements of class instruction. The first part of the book deals in presenting the classical methods of estimating the airplane performance, substantiated by modern airplane data within security limitations. In this section the estimation of airplane performance in the subsonic, transonic and supersonic speed ranges is been discussed, as well as the effect on airplane performance of the new reaction-type powerplants. Second part of the book deals with comparatively new art of designing the airplane for adequate flying qualities.


Drag Estimation
Chapter S Propulsion

10 other sections not shown



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