Aircraft Wiring & Electrical Installation

Aircraft Wiring & Electrical Installation



Aircraft Wiring & Electrical Installation

Author : Avotek
Year : 2005
Book Type : Paperback
Pages : 226
ISBN : 9781933189079


  • Wire and Cable Preparation
  • General Purpose Connectors
  • RF Connectors and Cabling
  • Solderless Terminations and Splices
  • Bonding and Grounding
  • Soldering Methods
  • Electrical Connector Sealing
  • Installation of Electrical Hardware
  • Electrical Wiring Installation
  • Aircraft Lamps and Fuses
  • Emergency Repairs.

Aircraft Wiring & Electrical Installation is a training manual specifically on the material, tools, inspection, testing, and proper techniques for aircraft electrical wiring. This book includes details on the identification and characteristics of aircraft grade wire and electrical connectors and describes many of the techniques used to prepare wire (cutting, stripping, crimping), install various types of connectors (soldered and solder less), etc.

From the Preface:

The satisfactory performance of present day aircraft depends greatly on the continuing reliability of its electrical system. Improperly or carelessly installed wiring can be a source of both immediate and potential danger, and many malfunctions and failures can be traced to this cause. The performance of the system depends on the quality of the design plus the workmanship used in making the installation. The continued proper performance of the system is dependent on the knowledge of the persons who do the inspection, repair, and maintenance



Wire and Cable Preparation
identifying, cutting, preparing wire and cable

General Purpose Connectors
identification of AN-MS connectors, assembly of wires to connectors, MS3057
connectors, contact tools

RF Connectors and Cabling
RF, BNC, C, HN, N, Pulse, TNC, and RF series connectors

Solderless Terminations and Splices
thermocouple wire preparation and installation, soldering thermocouple wire

Bonding and Grounding
preparation, methods, and testing bonded and grounded hardware and surfaces

Soldering Methods
heat application methods, inspecting soldered joints,
repairing circuit assemblies

Electrical Connector Sealing
description, identification, preparation of sealing compound

Installation of Electrical Hardware
installation of conduit, junction boxes, protective devices,
terminal boards

Electrical Wiring Installation
groups and bundles, terminal boards and busbars, conduit, installation
of connectors, lacing and tying, procedures for lock, shear, and seal wiring

Aircraft Lamps and Fuses
lamps, aircraft electrical fuses

Emergency Repairs
repairing damaged wires and MS connectors



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