Aircraft Wheels, Brakes & Antiskid Systems

Aircraft Wheels, Brakes & Antiskid Systems



Aircraft Wheels, Brakes & Antiskid Systems

Author : Jeppesen
Year : 1985
BookType : Paperback
ISBN : 9780891000990

Aircraft Wheels, Brakes & Antiskid Systems (English) by Jeppesen.

From the preface

Aircraft Wheels, Brakes & Antiskid Systems

“All landing gear components are subjected to severe impact loads if a hard landing is made. Also, taxiing and its related stress put hard and repeated blows into the wheels and brakes systems. The maintenance of these components is therefore a vital function of the airframe mechanic. This training manual has been prepared to help you understand the function and importance of these components.”



  • Aircraft Brakes
    • history and development
    • brake construction
    • brake actuation
    • brake inspection
    • brake malfunction and damage
    • brake repair
    • installation on aircraft
  • Aircraft Wheels
    • history and development
    • wheel construction
    • wheel inspection
  • Antiskid Brake Control Systems
    • system operation
    • system components
    • system tests
    • system maintenance
  • Glossary
  • Study Questions




Additional information

Dimensions 20.82 × .5 × 27.43 cm


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