Aircraft Systems: Mechanical, Electrical & Avionics Subsystems Integration – 3rd Edition



Aircraft Systems: Mechanical, Electrical & Avionics Subsystems Integration, 3rd Edition

Author : Allan Seabridge
Year : 2010
BookType : Hardcover
Pages : 504
ISBN : 9781563479526

Language- English

Aircraft Systems: Mechanical,Electrical & Avionics Subsystems Integration by Allan Seabridge


This third edition of Aircraft Systems represents a timely update of this highly successful and widely acclaimed work. Moir and Seabridge present an in-depth study of the general systems of an aircraft electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, emergency systems, and flight control to name but a few that transform an aircraft shell into a living, functioning, and communicating flying machine. Advances in systems technology continue to integrate systems and avionics, with aircraft support and flight systems increasingly controlled and monitored by electronics; the authors handle the complexities of these interactions in a straightforward and accessible manner that also enhances the books synergy with its two sister volumes, Civil Avionics Systems and Military Avionics Systems.

About Author

Allan Seabridge BA, MPhil is Chief Flight Systems Engineer at BAE SYSTEMS. With over 30 years’ experience in the aerospace industry, his work has included avionics on a wide range of aircraft. Allan divides his time between Europe and the USA. This experience gives him an insight into world-wide developments in all aspects of system engineering capability. He is also keen to encourage a fuller understanding of integrated engineering systems.






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