Aircraft Systems & Components by D.F. Garrett

Aircraft Systems & Components



Aircraft Systems & Components

Author : D.F. Garrett
Year : 2009
BookType : Paperback
Pages : 320
ISBN : 9780891003939

Aircraft Systems & Components (English) by D.F. Garrett.


Aircraft Systems & Components, by DF Garrett. Book consists of basic theory, construction, and operation of several major aircraft systems including electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel, propeller, and several auxiliary systems. Garrett goes through each system giving a detailed breakdown of each of the components and what each of their functions are. Each system is described in detail with many cut-away drawings as applied in both private aircraft and large commercial jets. This is a great book for understanding the basics of how and why key aircraft systems operate. Also, a part of the initial course requirements for many Part 147 AMT schools.


  • Aircraft Electrical Systems
    • theory and principles
    • direct current
    • alternating current
    • electrical generators and motors
    • airborne sources of electrical power
    • aircraft electrical systems
    • aircraft lighting systems
    • engine ignition and electrical systems
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
    • hydraulic and pneumatic power systems
    • hydraulic landing gear systems
    • aircraft brake systems
  • Fuel and Propeller Systems
    • aircraft fuel systems
    • propellers
  • Aircraft Auxiliary Systems
    • cabin atmospheric control systems
    • ice and rain control systems
    • fire protection systems



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