Aircraft Structures

Aircraft Structures by G Lakshmi Narasaiah



Aircraft Structures

Author : G Lakshmi Narasaiah
Year : 2010
BookType : Paperback
Pages : 401
ISBN : 9788178002507

Aircraft Structures (English) by G Lakshmi Narasaiah


Aircraft Structures concisely and comprehensively presents the basics of aircraft design and analysis and is intended for students in aerospace and mechanical engineering. In three sections and focusing particularly on the function of aircraft parts, this volume treats the fundamentals of aircraft design, excluding the engine and the avionics.

The first part deals with the basics of structural analysis, including mechanics or rigid bodies, energy principles, analysis of trusses, and analysis of continuum structures. In the second part, basic aerodynamics, loads, beams, shafts, buckling of columns, bending and buckling of thin plates and shear flow, shear center and shear lag, aeroplane fuselage and wing and fatigue are explained. The third section covers additional topics, such as finite element analysis, aircraft construction materials and aeroelasticity. With an emphasis on lightweight design, this volume further presents some special topics, such as box beams in wings, ring frames in fuselage, and longitudinal stiffeners.

With many examples and solved problems, this textbook on aircraft structures is an essential source of information for both students and engineering professionals who want to introduce themselves to the topic.

About Author

G Lakshmi Narasaiah

Mechanical Engineering Graduate from NIT (formerly REC), Warangal·   M.Tech (Aero-structures) from IIT, Kanpur· Worked in BHEL for 25 years, undertaking Finite Element Analysis of power plant components and pressure vessels· Published technical papers and authored a book on ‘Finite Element Analysis’, published by BS Publications, Hyderabad·Taught Engineering Mechanics, Machine Design and FEM and guided graduate and postgraduate engineers in their project works as a faculty in the Dept. of Aeronautical Engineering, Vasavi College of Engineering and VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad

  • Associated with the preparation of syllabus, development of laboratories, guiding students in refurbishing grounded Aeroplane as a Professor in the Dept. of Aeronautical Engineering , Institute of Aeronautical Engineering and MLR Institute of Technology, Hyderabad

· Resource person for courses in FEM conducted at JNTU college of Engineering, Kakinada, LBR college of Engg. & Tech, Mylavaram, Central Institute of Tool Design, Hyderabad and Engineering Staff College of India, Hyderabad.


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