Aircraft Sheet Metal

Aircraft Sheet Metal by Nick Bonacci



Aircraft Sheet Metal

Author : Nick Bonacci
Year : 1987
BookType : Paperback
ISBN : 9780891002963

Aircraft Sheet Metal (English) by Nick Bonacci.


Aircraft Sheet Metal

All you need to know about aircraft metal structures and materials, tools and fasteners, layout, setback, bends and repairs, and practical applications of dies, jigs, and fixtures. Good for special classes and aircraft home builders. Fully illustrated with glossary, index, and study questions.


1] Aircraft structural components

2] Aircraft Repair Tools

3] Aircraft metals and alloys

4] Aircraft solid shank rivets

5] Aircraft special fasteners

6] Forming and bend allowance

7] Aircraft repairs

8] Aircraft Corrosion

9] Applied forming, bending, and layout of aircraft parts

10] Appendices shear strength, bend allowance charts, K-factor charts, rivets per inch charts, minimum bend radius charts, setback and layout, trig functions, computing setback, etc…





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