Aircraft Radio Systems

Aircraft Radio Systems

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Aircraft Radio Systems

Author : James Powell
Year : 2006
BookType : Paperback
Pages : 255
ISBN : 9798175980593

Aircraft Radio Systems (English) by James Powell.


Aircraft Radio Systems

The cockpit and equipment racks of modern aircraft are becoming filled with evermore sophisticated electronic systems. This book attempts to describe a certain class of such systems, namely those which rely for their operation on electromagnetic radiation. The subject matter is complex and wide-ranging, hence not all aspects can be covered in one volume. The book is aimed primarily at the aircraft maintenance engineer, but it is also of great interest to the technically-inclined pilot.


Historical Technical and Legal Context Communications Systems VHF, HF, Selcal, audio integrating systems Automatic Direction Finding (ADF) basic principles, block diagram operation, sources of error, installation, controls and operation, calibration and testing on the ramp

VHF Omnidirectional Range (VOR) doppler VOR, aircraft installation, controls and operation, block diagram operation, ramp testing

Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) installation, controls and operation, characteristics, ramp testing

Hyperbolic Navigation Systems (LORAN) omega navigation, Decca navigator, Loran C

Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) X and Y channel arrangements, link with VHF navigation, installation, control and operation, range measurung and mode control, ramp testing

ATC Transponders controls and operation, block diagram details, ramp testing

Weather Avoidance Radar weather radar, choice of features, installation, controls, operation, scanner stabilization, other weather radar applications, maintenance and testing, Ryan Stormscope, factors affecting performance

Doppler Navigation doppler effect, antenna mechanization, doppler spectrum, beam geometry, transmitter frequency, modulation, over-water errors, navigation calculations, installation, controls and operation, four beam Janus configuration, velocity in Earth coordinates in terms of doppler shifts

Radio Altimeter basic principles, factors affecting performance, monitoring and self test, indicator, installation, interface, ramp testing and maintenance, sinusoidal frequency modulation

Area Navigation (RNAV) airspace organization, VOR/DME based RNAV, Bendix navigation computer, King KDE, standardization, testing RNAV

Future Developments the flight deck, multi system packages, data link, ADSEL/DABS, satcom and satnav, microwave landing systems, collision avoidance, ARINC.




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