Aircraft Materials & Processes

Aircraft Materials & Processes, 5th Edition



Aircraft Materials & Processes, 5th Edition

Author : George F. Titterton
Year : 2007
BookType : Paperback
Pages : 398
ISBN : 9788175980136

 Aircraft Materials & Processes, 5th Edition (English) by George F. Titterton.


During the past few years, rapid advancements have been made in aircraft performance, structural materials and process. Advances in the quality of new materials such as titanium, high-temperature materials, plastics and super-strength steels indicate that these new materials should fine wide use in the aircraft industries in the near future.

This book is based largely upon a series of lecturers given by the authors at New York University. Similar lecturers were also given to a miscellaneous group composed of engineers, hopmen, and purchasing department employees of a large aircraft manufacturer. During the past few years, rapid advancements have been,, made in aircraft performance, structural materials, and processes. Advances in the quality of new materials, such as titanium, high-temperature, materials, plastics, and super-strength, steels, indicate that these new materials should find wide use in the, aircraft industries in the near future, Emphasis has been placed on the effects of heat from aerodynamic heating and jet engine beating on aircraft materials in order to, help the engineer select the most efficient materials. The author has included all of the. Latest processes, materials, and specifications.

This fifth edition of Aircraft Materials & Processes is based mostly on Titterton’s lectures at New York University. A small group of engineers, purchasing department works of an aircraft company, and hopmen, were delivered similar lectures. This book gives the readers a comprehensive overview of the materials and processes incorporated in building an aircraft. In the recent past, there has been a great deal of advancement in aircraft performance, structural processes, and materials. As the quality of newer materials such as plastics, titanium, super-strength steels, and high-temperature materials, has improved greatly, these materials could possibly be incorporated in aircraft industries in the near future.

Titterton has excluded all unimportant details to ensure that the material remains simple to understand. In these lectures as well as the book, Titterton has drawn on the pool of information he obtained while serving as an engineer in the Naval Inspection Service. Therefore, he has included the most recent materials and processes that are a part of aircraft construction. Some of the topics covered in this book include Metal-Joining Processes, Corrosion And Its Prevention, Shaping of Metal, Corrosion-Resisting Steels, Steel and Its Alloys, and Aircraft Steels-Properties and Uses.

Through the course of this book, Titterton has included several suggestions about the kind of material that can be used for a particular job. He also throws light on the best way to work, treating heat, and finishing materials. Titterton has included several tables throughout the book, which is ideal for quick reference. The readers are also provided insights into the effects of heat from jet engine beating and aerodynamic heating on aircraft materials, thereby enabling the engineer to choose the most efficient materials. Aircraft Materials & Processes is designed to serve the requirements of students, designers, and engineers.

About George Titterton

George Titterton was an author and engineer.

Titterton was born on 19th August, 1904, in New York. He completed his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from New York University in 1925. He then served as an Engineering instructor for a year. He then served as a Consulting Engineer for the Navy Bureau of Aeronautics at Washington, D.C. He held the position of the Senior Vice-President of the Grumman Corporation, till his retirement. Even after retiring, he remained a member of the company’s board of directors for several years. Titterton passed away in 1998, in Farmingdale, New York. He was married to Ada Ryan, and they had seven children together.



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