Aircraft Maintenance & Repair, 7th Edition

Aircraft Maintenance & Repair, 7th Edition



Aircraft Maintenance & Repair, 7th Edition

Author : Michael J. Kroes
Year : 2014
BookType : Paperback
Pages : 713
ISBN : 9789339204969

Aircraft Maintenance & Repair, 7th Edition (English) by Michael J. Kroes.


Aircraft Maintenance & Repair, 7th Edition, is a valuable resource for students of aviation technology. It provides updated information needed to prepare for an FAA air frame technician certification. It can be used with classroom discussions and practical application in the shop and on aircraft. This expanded edition includes recent advances in aviation technology to help students find employment as air frame and power plant mechanics and other technical and engineering-type occupations.

For easy reference, chapters are illustrated and present specific aspects of aircraft materials, fabrication processes, maintenance tools and techniques, and federal aviation regulations.


  • Modern aircraft developed since the previous edition, such as the Boeing 777, the Airbus A-330, modern corporate jets, and new light aircraft
  • New chemicals and precautions related to composite materials
  • Current FAA regulations and requirements
  • FAA Air frame and Power plant certification requirements
  • 8-page full-color insert
  • The newest maintenance and repair tools and techniques
  • Updated figures and expanded chapters.


Table of contents

Hazardous Materials and Safety Practices Aircraft Structures Fabrication and Repair of Wood Structures Fabric Coverings Aircraft Painting and Markings Welding Equipment and Techniques Welding Aircraft Structures and Repair Sheet-Metal Construction Sheet-Metal Inspection and Repair Plastics Advanced Composite Materials>h3>Assembly and Rigging Aircraft Fluid Power Systems Aircraft Landing-Gear Systems Aircraft Fuel Systems Environmental Systems Aircraft Instruments and Instrument Systems Auxiliary Systems Troubleshooting Theory and Practice.

Author comments

Michael Kroes is an aviation practitioner and educator and has more than 35 years of experience in the field. He holds or has held several FAA certifications, including an Airframe & Powerplant Certificate, Inspection Authorization, Designated Mechanic Examiner, Designated Engineering Authority, and a Commercial Pilot’s License. Professor Kroes has worked for some of the top aviation companies, including Raytheon and Allied Signal, and spent 25 years as a professor and Department Head at Purdue University. Recognized as a leading expert on FAA technician certification, he authored a comprehensive study funded by the FAA. This study was used to develop new FAA technician certification content and guidelines.

Dr. Ronald Sterkenburg is a professor at the Aviation Technology Department at Purdue University. He is a certificated Air frame & Power plant mechanic (A & P), holds an Inspector Authorization (IA), and performs the duties as a Designated Mechanic Examiner. Dr. Sterkenburg’s main research interests are in advanced composite materials for aerospace vehicles. He has published many articles, book chapters, and books on all types of aviation maintenance topics.



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