Aircraft Maintenance & Repair

Aircraft Maintenance & Repair, 6th Edition



Aircraft Maintenance & Repair, 6th Edition

Author : Michael J. Kroes
Year : 2010
BookType : Paperback
Pages : 648
ISBN : 9780070701281

Aircraft Maintenance & Repair, 6th Edition (English) by Michael J. Kroes.

Book Description

Aircraft Maintenance & Repair

This text provides coverage of practical skills while building a foundation for more advanced learning. It offers a thorough presentation of all aspects of aircraft maintenance and repair, including information on new materials, structures, systems and processes. This edition includes theoretical and practical information that students need for certification as FAA air frame technicians in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR). In preparing this edition, the authors reviewed FAR parts 65 and 147 and appropriate Ad visor Circulars, as well as related Federal Aviation Regulations. In addition information dealing with expanding and emerging maintenance-related technologies has been incorporated into this volume to provide a comprehensive source for students, technicians and instructors.



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