Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Technology, 3rd Edition

Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Technology, 3rd Edition



Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Technology, 3rd Edition

Author : Irwin E. Treager
Year : 2008
BookType : Paperback
Pages : 677
ISBN : 9780074631119

Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Technology, 3rd Edition(English) by  Irwin E. Treager.

DescriptionAircraft Gas Turbine Engine Technology, 3rd Edition

Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Technology, 3rd Edition provides a comprehensive, easy-to-understand treatment of the background, development, and applications of the gas turbine engine it its various forms, such as turobjet, turbofan, turboprop, and turboshaft powerplants. Designed primarily as a resource for technicians preparing for the FAA aircraft powerplant mechanic certification, Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Technology also may be used a reference. The text also discusses the changing maintenance and overhaul procedures and philosophies and the role of fuel metering in engine operation.


This volume is the best publication for aeronautical gas turbine technology. It is a powerful tool as a reference and as a didactic implement. Theory. The development of theory is quite simple and straightforward. Being intended for technicians, the mathematical level is really easy, nevertheless the associated phenomenons are solidly explained. If the reader is looking for a more advanced maths dissection, he has to search a different book, conversely this treatment is the best complement to theoretical study: here concepts came alive and the mathematical set of solutions to equations are translated in real stuff. Materials and technical evaluation. The edition copes with the advanced techniques introduced in more recent designs and products. The previous editions were full of excerpts from manufacturer pubblications or other technical papers, the current one is enriched by new illustrations and detailed explanations of advanced research. Drawings and graphs were the best facets of former editions and still they are, literally boosting reader’s learning curve. Engines. A wide selection of engines is avalable as examples, each one deeply dissected, showing typical arrangements and design solutions. This accurate study of construcion details and manufacturing techniques is explanatory since it shows the real article as designed, produced and maintained, focusing on each part functionality and it is real as it gets!



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