Aircraft Fabric Covering by Neal Carlson

Aircraft Fabric Covering



Aircraft Fabric Covering

Author : Neal Carlson
Year : 1978
BookType : Paperback
Pages : 53
ISBN : 9780891000778

Aircraft Fabric Covering (English) by Neal Carlson.


This book on Aircraft Fabric Covering is one of a series of specialized training manual prepared for aviation maintenance personnel. This series is part of a programmed learning course developed and produced by Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc. One of the larges suppliers of aviation maintenance training materials in the world. This program is part of a continuing effort to improve the quality of education for aviation mechanics through out the world.

General History

Fabric-covered aircraft play an important role in the history of aviation. The famous Wright Flyer utilized a fabric-covered wood frame in its design, and fabric covering continued to be used by many aircraft designers and builders during the early decades of production aircraft. The use of fabric covering on an aircraft offers one primary advantage: light weight. In contrast, fabric coverings have two disadvantages: flammability and lack of durability.


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