Aircraft Engineer's Handbook

Aircraft Engineer’s Handbook



Aircraft Engineer’s Handbook No.4 Instruments

Author : R. W. Sloley,W. H. Coulthard
Year : 2005
BookType : Paperback
Pages : 251
ISBN : 9788175980518

Aircraft Engineer’s Handbook No.4 Instruments (English) by R. W. Sloley,W. H. Coulthard.


Aircraft Engineer’s Handbook

In the last twenty years aircraft instruments, largely under the stimulus of wartime conditions, have increased very considerably both in their variety and their complexity. During many conditions of flight, such as night flying and bad weather flying the lives of the pilot and crew indeed, the whole safety of the aircraft are now completely dependent on the accuracy and correct functioning of the instruments.

A new and up-to-date edition of this book has been long overdue and I am grateful to Mr. W. H. Coulthard ¬†for his co-operation and assistance in preparing the revised edition for the press. I also wish to acknowledge my indebtedness to various aircraft instrument manufacturers who have kindly provided information and data concerning their instruments as well as photographs and diagrams for reproduction; also to the Air Registration Board for permission to reproduce their Category “X” syllabus; to the British Standards Institute for allowing quotations from the British Standard Specifications; and to Mr. T. W. Paddon and Mr. C. J. Simmonds, A.F.R.Ae.S., of the British Institute of Engineering Technology for useful suggestions and the specimen examination questions reproduced in Appendix XI.


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