Aircraft Construction Repair & Inspection

Aircraft Construction Repair & Inspection



Aircraft Construction Repair & Inspection

Author : Joe Christy
Year : 2004
BookType : Paperback
Pages : 228
ISBN : 9788175980419

Aircraft Construction Repair & Inspection (English) by  Joe Christy.


Lightplane mechanics, homebuilders, as well as those who want to refurbish older airplanes will find this a time-saving, all-in-one reference guide they’ll turn to again and again. Loadede with version of FAA’s 43.13 sets the standard and shows how to meet them. Picking up where the FAA manual leaves off, you’ll find practical approved methods and explanations for the use of materials such as Dacron coverings, polyurethane finishes, modern adhesives, and more. Find out what you need to know about wooden structures, metal structures … even engines. Whether you’re a professional aircraft mechanic or a beginning homebuilder, you’ll appreciate the dozens of tips on applying dope, repairing fabric, choosing the proper hardware, safety methods for tumbuckles, and replacement of cables. Plus, there are in-depth explanations on requirements for windshields, enclosures, exits, and regulation rules for engines and fuel systems. Find out how to weld highly stressed structural parts, adjust magneto timing, deal with corrosion .. . whatever it takes to get your plane up-to-par! Ideal for aircraft owners, homebuilders, restorers, or repairmen, this hands-on guide explains step-by-step how to meet the government standards, achieving the highest quality in workmanship with confidence and efficiency! Latch onto this unique manual … one that provides exactly what you want to know (you don’t have to skim through unneeded information) … and shows you how to reach those standards! Joe Christy is an experienced pilot and author. He has written many articles, several aviation novels, and many TAB Books on aeronautical subjects.

About Author

Joe Christy

Joe Christy is an experienced pilot and author. He has written many articles, several aviation novels, and many TAB Book on aeronautical subjects.


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