Aerospace Propulsion Systems

Aerospace Propulsion Systems



Aerospace Propulsion Systems

Author : Thomas A. Ward
Year : 2010
BookType : Hardcover
Pages : 527
ISBN : 9780470824979

Language– English

Aerospace Propulsion Systems by Thomas A. Ward.

Aerospace Propulsion Systems is a unique book focusing on each type of propulsion system commonly used in aerospace vehicles today: rockets, piston aero engines, gas turbine engines, ramjets, and scramjets. Dr. Thomas A. Ward introduces each system in detail, imparting an understanding of basic engineering principles, describing key functionality mechanisms used in past and modern designs, and provides guidelines for student design projects. With a balance of theory, fundamental performance analysis, and design, the book is specifically targeted to students or professionals who are new to the field and is arranged in an intuitive, systematic format to enhance learning.

  • Covers all engine types, including piston aero engines
  • Design principles presented in historical order for progressive understanding
  • Focuses on major elements to avoid overwhelming or confusing readers
  • Presents example systems from the US, the UK, Germany, Russia, Europe, China, Japan, and India
  • Richly illustrated with detailed photographs
  • Cartoon panels present the subject in an interesting, easy-to-understand way
  • Contains carefully constructed problems (with a solution manual available to the educator)
  • Lecture slides and additional problem sets for instructor use

Advanced undergraduate students, graduate students and engineering professionals new to the area of propulsion will find Aerospace Propulsion Systems a highly accessible guide to grasping the key essentials. Field experts will also find that the book is a very useful resource for explaining propulsion issues or technology to engineers, technicians, businessmen, or policy makers. Post-graduates involved in multi-disciplinary research or anybody interested in learning more about spacecraft, aircraft, or engineering would find this book to be a helpful reference.

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