Aeronautical Engineer's Data Book

Aeronautical Engineer’s Data Book



Aeronautical Engineer’s Data Book

Author : Clifford N. Matthews
Year : 2002
BookType : Paperback
Pages : 267
ISBN : 9780750651257

Language– English

Aeronautical Engineer’s Data Book by Clifford N. Matthews


Aeronautical Engineer’s Data Book

This is an essential handy guide containing useful up to date information regularly needed by the student or practicing engineer. Covering all aspects of aircraft, both fixed wing and rotary craft, this pocket book provides quick access to useful aeronautical engineering data and sources of information for further in-depth information. Quick reference to essential data Most up to date information available.

Important Regulations and Directives * Fundamental dimensions and units * Symbols and notations * Aeronautical definitions * Basic fluid mechanics * Basic aerodynamics * Principles of flight dynamics * Principles of propulsion * Aircraft performance * Aircraft design and construction * Airports * Basic mechanical design * Reference sources * Appendices: A Aerodynamics stability and control derivatives * B Aircraft response transfer functions * C Approximate expressions for dimensionless aerodynamic stability and control derivatives * D Compressible flow tables * E Shock wave data

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Dimensions 21.84 × 4 × 13.71 cm


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