Advanced Composites

Advanced Composites by Cindy Foreman



Advanced Composites

Author : Cindy Foreman
Year : 2002
BookType : Paperback
Pages : 200
ISBN : 9780884873167

Language– English

Advanced Composites by Cindy Foreman.


Advanced composites is a comprehensive guide for technicians working with composities aircraft structure . Whether you are involved in home-built aircraft fabrication or you are a certified aircraft technician required to maintain the airworthiness of composite structures and components, Advanced composites provides the fundamentals you need, including information on repair techniques, modern composite materials construction, and the history of advanced composites.

Advanced Composites by Cindy Foreman – Written for the aircraft technician or builder who requires a detailed understanding of composite materials and techniques as used on a wide variety of modern aircraft ranging from high performance homebuilts, military, and transport category applications. This book goes beyond the simple sandwich type structures and expands your expertise to Kevlars, Ceramics, Boron fiber, honeycomb cores, etc….

Techniques such as vacuum bagging, heat and pressure curing, machining techniques, and manufacturing methods are covered in detail. This book is written for the technician, not the engineer and is full of practical technique clearly showing exactly how to perform various operations required when working with these advanced materials.

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