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Bluecopter Helicopter by Airbus

Bluecopter Helicopter


Airbus has achieved a milestone by reducing fuel by 40%. Airbus Helicopters have unveiled the latest rotorcraft i.e.Bluecopter which is A quieter and more fuel efficient future. It has showcased leading-edge technologies ranging from an advanced Fenestron®, improved rotor and airframe design to intelligent engine power management.

It logged more than 28 hours during evaluations performed throughout its operating envelope, Bluecopter has confirmed the feasibility of Airbus Helicopters’ advancements in eco-friendly helicopter design while also proving the company’s next-generation eco-efficient technologies. Using one of the company’s light medium twin-engine rotorcraft as the demonstrator platform, Bluecopter incorporates transversal technologies that can be applied across Airbus Helicopters’ product line. The aircraft made its public debut today during a presentation at Airbus Helicopters’ Donauwörth, Germany .

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